Friday, 4 June 2010

Bears. Shit. Woods.

We at go reborn are always one to take a cliché and rip it up, feed it to the dogs and start over. This time, we found a woods somewhere in Scotland, booted out all the faeries and fauns, magicked a collection of statuesque hats from James Robert Faulkner's gorgeous constellation of roadkill millinery, got the go-reborn team set-up with cameras (including our very own tree-blinded Dave 'One-Eye' Anderson - hence the piratical patch) and... well, you'll have to wait to see what we made of it.
go reborn pop-up magazine - coming your way this summer.
You can read about James Robert Faulkner in the Daily Telegraph and the Scotsman. He is an extremely talented, magpie-stealing scavenger with an eye for a beautiful hat. Check out his interview on STV's The Hour here.
No prizes for guessing the lady with the bear's head.