Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Andersons

We are featured in Dave Anderson's blog this week. Here are some of his photos from the Noir! night with our own Charlie Anderson's (no relation) paintings as backdrop.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

go-reborn @ Noir!

go-reborn will be showing pieces at the latest Noir! show with the usual mixture of hot models and even hotter drag queens. We like this. It smacks of Nuyorican glamour and an underground sexiness not seen since Grace Jones got her nipples out in Scotland earlier in the year.

Noir! also features new collections from Rowanjoy at Godiva, Totty Rocks, Arkangel, Boudiche and Millenrey by James Robert Faulkner. They'll be screening Daniel Warren's 'Breakwater' all night and there'll be a live acoustic set from David Donelly. DJ Eoin 'Wee Man' will be blasting out sonic soundscapes thereafter. Jono Freemantle's artwork will be on view.

Quite a treat, I think you'll agree. Fashion feet forward, people!

Don't forget you can see the marvel that is Xmas go-reborn at the Princes Street Mall all day every day until the end of the month so get on down and pop-up, you bunch of misfits.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

go-reborn in The List

Check out The List's article on us here.

More info on the mural and go-reborn artists to follow.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Sparkling Strangeness

When the world around you is turning to dust and you are haunted by the leering faces of Katie Price and Peter Andre giggling inanely at the apocalyptic crapola they´ve created, one must take action - post haste. We at go-reborn have got the perfect strange and wonderful mystery tour to get your hearts beating at a slightly faster rate and your eyes slowly widening like a slow-motion film of a chrysalis opening.

The world has gone to shit - but we at go-reborn have the perfect answer to such hellish happenings, my little cherubic misfits.

If you notice a figure of "sparkling strangeness" with an air of "mysterious greatness", follow him, for he-she has a mission and theme. Follow that dark-robed stranger deep into the bowels of the Princes Street Mall, ideally taking a plunge down the steps by the Balmoral Hotel and diving right before you hit the train station. Follow that black-cowelled stranger into the glittering light palace of the Mall and on your right you´ll see go-reborn in all its splendour.

There really is quite a plethora of thrilling threads by Godiva Vintage, Laura Lees, Totty Rocks, OOPS, Red Mutha, Rowanjoy, Jukes & Proops, Ceilidh Gray, Stolen Thunder, Aware Injustice, Eka, Love Me Again, Orangefishy, Pipless Jam, Owl & Lion - did you get all that?

And our usual bevy of hot-paintin' artists - blog favourite Neil Perry and Edinburgh legend Elph, amongst others, have started a space-themed mural of epic proportions. Each chap or chappess will be given a word to give them inspiration and inspire they will. But more on that later. This mural must be seen. The man with the black visage will lead you to it.

Pop-in, and pop-up, after 4pm on Saturday for Yuletide drinkies and mysterious goings-on involving little people, unicorns and the breath of an elf in the glass jar of time. We await.