Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Andersons

We are featured in Dave Anderson's blog this week. Here are some of his photos from the Noir! night with our own Charlie Anderson's (no relation) paintings as backdrop.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Monday, 7 December 2009

go-reborn @ Noir!

go-reborn will be showing pieces at the latest Noir! show with the usual mixture of hot models and even hotter drag queens. We like this. It smacks of Nuyorican glamour and an underground sexiness not seen since Grace Jones got her nipples out in Scotland earlier in the year.

Noir! also features new collections from Rowanjoy at Godiva, Totty Rocks, Arkangel, Boudiche and Millenrey by James Robert Faulkner. They'll be screening Daniel Warren's 'Breakwater' all night and there'll be a live acoustic set from David Donelly. DJ Eoin 'Wee Man' will be blasting out sonic soundscapes thereafter. Jono Freemantle's artwork will be on view.

Quite a treat, I think you'll agree. Fashion feet forward, people!

Don't forget you can see the marvel that is Xmas go-reborn at the Princes Street Mall all day every day until the end of the month so get on down and pop-up, you bunch of misfits.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

go-reborn in The List

Check out The List's article on us here.

More info on the mural and go-reborn artists to follow.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Sparkling Strangeness

When the world around you is turning to dust and you are haunted by the leering faces of Katie Price and Peter Andre giggling inanely at the apocalyptic crapola they´ve created, one must take action - post haste. We at go-reborn have got the perfect strange and wonderful mystery tour to get your hearts beating at a slightly faster rate and your eyes slowly widening like a slow-motion film of a chrysalis opening.

The world has gone to shit - but we at go-reborn have the perfect answer to such hellish happenings, my little cherubic misfits.

If you notice a figure of "sparkling strangeness" with an air of "mysterious greatness", follow him, for he-she has a mission and theme. Follow that dark-robed stranger deep into the bowels of the Princes Street Mall, ideally taking a plunge down the steps by the Balmoral Hotel and diving right before you hit the train station. Follow that black-cowelled stranger into the glittering light palace of the Mall and on your right you´ll see go-reborn in all its splendour.

There really is quite a plethora of thrilling threads by Godiva Vintage, Laura Lees, Totty Rocks, OOPS, Red Mutha, Rowanjoy, Jukes & Proops, Ceilidh Gray, Stolen Thunder, Aware Injustice, Eka, Love Me Again, Orangefishy, Pipless Jam, Owl & Lion - did you get all that?

And our usual bevy of hot-paintin' artists - blog favourite Neil Perry and Edinburgh legend Elph, amongst others, have started a space-themed mural of epic proportions. Each chap or chappess will be given a word to give them inspiration and inspire they will. But more on that later. This mural must be seen. The man with the black visage will lead you to it.

Pop-in, and pop-up, after 4pm on Saturday for Yuletide drinkies and mysterious goings-on involving little people, unicorns and the breath of an elf in the glass jar of time. We await.

Monday, 30 November 2009


Afternoon go-reborners! Did you know the "abusive" term 'pig' to describe a policeman has been in use since the 16th century? I made the titillating mistake of crowing over a road accident the other day - not my finest hour - but those police do seem to drive incredibly fast and to see one standing shamefaced by a smoking car was too much to resist.* Andrew Wynter, Victorian physician and writer, described the perfect policeman thus: "stiff, calm and inexorable; an institution rather than a man", which in a rather DEPRAVED fashion denotes the go-reborn humour today.

Because that INSTITUTION is back - I'll leave the Victoriana and pig-bashing for now just to tell you the following:

We at go-reborn are not ones to encourage lawless behaviour, but the go-reborn shop opens tomorrow at Princes Street Mall and we're all STIFF with excitement, oh yes. So please come on down to sift through the frankly orgasmic display of designer togs, cutting-edge art and banter that only go-reborn misfits can muster.

We're waiting for you.
*No policemen or women were harmed in the making of this blog

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Count down to go-reborn/ Charlie Anderson

go-reborn continues to stealthily go where no pop-up has gone before, and now there are only a few days left until the pop-up go-reborn shop opens at Princes Street Mall. We are excited. The eye-popping news is you'll even be able to get a bus there.

Both Totty Rocks and Matthew Swan, stalwarts from our summer run at the turret gallery, will be exhibitng alongside go-reborn master-blasters Godiva and Aware Injustice.
I just wanted to share with you an artist I am rather fond of, straight outta ECA who, inspired by go-reborn pop-up's mastery put on a wee show in an empty flat on Westhall Gardens last week. It was a huge success and Charlie Andreson is somone to watch. His work is now hanging in the Henderson Gallery and will also be appearing at some point at go-reborn.
Cheers Charlie for photos.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Pop-up has returned to Edinburgh. Remember that - like an empty canvas, ready for the artists, designers and misfits of Edinburgh to make their mark.

That's right go-reborners. We're back, with bells on our toes and fur-lining in our city shorts. As if a summer in go-reborn towers was not enough - fireworks spelt out our name in the sky - go-reborn has had a wee word with Santa and his spirit, dressed in Pucci, will be inhabiting a pop-up space near you VERY SOON.

Pop-up and go - REBORN!
Contact Fleur @ Godiva (0131) 991 2212 for more information or follow this blog

go reborn 2: XMAS

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Check out the Warholians @ Noir!

Our very own Fleur MacIntosh, helmswoman at 'go reborn' and captain of that good ship Godiva will be down at the Noir! event at Hawke and Hunter tomorrow Thursday 17th September showing off some hot clothes, alongside 'go reborn' pal Holly from Totty Rocks. Godiva will be showcasing Rowanjoy's Autumn/Winter '09 never-seen-before collection, with vintage hats and the Karen Orme graduate collection!

Tickets are limited so for more info and guestlist contact those at Noir!

The boutiques involved are aforementioned fashion saviour Godiva, Totty Rocks and also another 'go reborn' pal 21st Century Kilts, alongside Arkangel, Concrete Wardrobe, Kakao by K, Joyce Paton and Boudiche.

An installation by painter Jonathan Freemantle will also be on show as well as sculptural mannequins dressed by each boutique.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Thanks, Fireworks Party Memories - & beyond...

So, 'go reborn' has popped-down - for now. It really has been the most momentous experience for all involved, and the last night fling was a real eye-popping thrill ride of great tunes, wild dancing, awesome fireworks and the ceremonial dismantling of everything we had built and created to continue our organic, evolutionary, revolutionary pop-up ride.
Just check out our ever-growing 'Friends' list (something that is constantly being added to) that is up-to-date with all the artists, musicians and thrill-seekers involved with 'go reborn'.
The 'go reborn' team is currently underground somewhere very hush-hush planning our next move, so for now you will have to content yourselves with a weekly update on this blog, which will include interviews and updates on 'go reborn' artists, other exhibitions of note, things we think you need to do and see, and of course 'go reborn' news.
Again, 'go reborn' would like to give a big thank-you to ALL the people who popped-up and really got involved with what 'go reborn' was doing over the festival. Without your constant support and enthusiasm we would, of course, be mere shells of meaninglessness - so thanks.
The 'go reborn' blog continues weekly - will keep you all posted.
Thanks to Fleur, KP and Dave Anderson for photos

Saturday, 5 September 2009


We'd like to mark our momentous time at the Venue Studios with a mind-bogglingly brilliant party, 'go reborn' style...

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Open Ear Music

High up here in the turrets of 'go reborn' I can see the space morphing and changing as it has continuously over the past three weeks. And there is a consistent eclectic mix of tunes getting us through the days of art and crafts and inspiration. The 'go reborn' collective finds music such a key player in life in general, and this space overlooking Auld Reekie lends itself so well to a booming sound system or a calming nu-folk pick-me-up.

For much of our time here, we have been lucky enough to be involved with those fine folk at Open Ear Music. Their live stream of up-and-coming and established local talent has fitted in perfectly with our theories on supporting artists and designers in our immediate vicinity. Open Ear are famed for their customised radio stations which was the perfect plan for our pop-up panorama.

Open Ear are great supporters and disseminators of local labels; perhaps their most exciting conection this summer (apart from the 'go reborn' one!) is with record label Surface Pressure, essentially the band FOUND, who had such a hit with their weird and wonderful Cybraphon project at the Festival - a live and emotionally volatile musical instrument maelstrom that had folk weeping for more.

You have precisely four days until the huge and momentous firework party at 'go reborn', with which we shall close our doors and disappear into the dark streets of Edinburgh's underworld to dream up more amazing and mind-changing events for your delectation.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Camilla Watson, Genevieve Ryan & Aaron Sinclair: PAINT-OFF

Hello friends!

Yet more thrilling artwork for your delectation at 'go-reborn' today as the glamorous and ever-gorgeous Camilla Watson (also exhibiting with other 'go reborn' artist Claudia Massie at the Flaubert in Stockbridge), Genevieve Ryan and Aaron Sinclair are involved in a singular paint-off down here at 'go reborn' HQ.

As usual we encourage you to pop-up and go - reborn!

Godiva's Fleur MacIntosh will be in the space all weekend to answer your queries and make you camomile tea or indeed force-feed you cakes. Just get down there and marvel in the historic and histrionic event that is 'go reborn'.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Elph finishes up & Ross Christie begins

Down at the space again after a long weekend. Elph continues to work wonders on his azure and turquoise dreamscape, the centre-point a wizard-like long-limbed Bigfoot resplendent in the midst of a gaggle of imps, beauties and freaks. He is accompanied in a nearby corner by artist Ross Christie (a recent graduate of the ECA), whose ‘Bad Dudes: Here They Come’ is all neon pink and shocking blue with his trademark scowling semi-tribal masks and drunk-vision faces glaring out of the canvas.

Despite Elph’s status as graff royalty in Edinburgh and beyond, his totally humble and witty presence has been a delight and it has been so great to see a long-term, established artist enjoying his work and sharing it with the ‘go reborn’ revellers. He’s been keeping us entertained with weird and wonderful tales of late-night madness and cataloguing the graff culture of Edinburgh and beyond for us.

Ross is a pro-active and industrious man who has showered the space with his flyers and booklets that show off his artwork and also give great advice to folk wanting to set up small places. His ‘MilkTeeth/Bloodfeathers: guide to running you own artshows’ pamphlet is on sale at ‘go reborn’ and is a good intro. We like these self-publications that are also art leaflets – just the kind of thing that does well at ‘go reborn’.

Catch Ross Christie's 'Bad Dudes Vs. Dragon Ninja' at the Pageant store, Edinburgh from 20th October

Catch Elph @ Recoat in Glasgow this September

Monday, 24 August 2009

Hello: Party

The word “hello” is less than two centuries old, my friends – but it might as well have been brand new at the weekend, so oft was it uttered in a kind of post-ironic shock (and weak-voiced wonder) at the fun we all had at the ‘go reborn’ party.

This two-hundred-year-old greeting is fitting, an archaic welcome to something so totally fresh as ‘go reborn’. We’ve taken the old, you see, putting stuff under one roof for your delectation, but we’ve infused it with the new – live on-site happenings constantly going on 7 days a week for that elusive pop-up feel. We’ll be sorry to disappoint when we have to close our doors and start on the next venture, but for now you have time left to pop-in and appreciate the lovely vibe that ‘go reborn’ has created on Calton Road.

The party, on Saturday 22nd, was to celebrate another week of busy times down at ‘go reborn’ HQ. With tunes and visuals from M.O.C & White Chocolate (from DoIt!), we cleared back the Godiva rails to make a dance floor and there were soon various dancing loons shimmying across the space. After various excellent artists having created some wonderful canvas work over the previous days, on the night we were wowed by the legendary Elph – his artwork verged on performance as revellers crowded round the canvas to egg on the genius.

As always, Auld Reekie did its bit by providing volcanic landscapes and dramatic Old Town horizons – and the Tattoo put on a free firework display and it might as well have been just for us.

Thanks to all our friends and faithful ‘go reborn’ crew for making it such a special night – we continue to receive a gaggle of visitors every day and urge you all to make ‘go reborn’ part of your Festival. The beauty of the project is that each day there is something different to see and do – it is a truly interactive experience and the perfect place to mop up art during the day, hang out in the mini-lounge, soak up rays in the hot room, watch our designers at work in the workshop or see our artists mid-opus on the canvases.