Thursday, 28 October 2010

goreborn4: Such and Such

Our goreborn project continues apace with an appearance at the Such and Such studios in the month of November. Every week a different designer-artist-collective will inhabit the space and make free with their talents. We'll be there Saturday 20th/ Sunday 21st September.

As you know we 'switched platform' somewhere in the ethers of early 2010 and have produced an eponymous publication. It rocks. You are invited to come and pick up a copy, hang out and 'interact with the space'. Not quite sure what this means - but if you feel like a good rub against some postmodern-looking furniture I'm sure no-one will mind. You may be framed and sold off as an artwork, however, so bear that in mind.
The publication is chock-a-block full of original fashion, design, creative writing, crafts, fine art and more.

To get hold of a limited edition invitation to the private viewing on Friday 19th November (7-9pm) please email: