Monday, 30 November 2009


Afternoon go-reborners! Did you know the "abusive" term 'pig' to describe a policeman has been in use since the 16th century? I made the titillating mistake of crowing over a road accident the other day - not my finest hour - but those police do seem to drive incredibly fast and to see one standing shamefaced by a smoking car was too much to resist.* Andrew Wynter, Victorian physician and writer, described the perfect policeman thus: "stiff, calm and inexorable; an institution rather than a man", which in a rather DEPRAVED fashion denotes the go-reborn humour today.

Because that INSTITUTION is back - I'll leave the Victoriana and pig-bashing for now just to tell you the following:

We at go-reborn are not ones to encourage lawless behaviour, but the go-reborn shop opens tomorrow at Princes Street Mall and we're all STIFF with excitement, oh yes. So please come on down to sift through the frankly orgasmic display of designer togs, cutting-edge art and banter that only go-reborn misfits can muster.

We're waiting for you.
*No policemen or women were harmed in the making of this blog

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Count down to go-reborn/ Charlie Anderson

go-reborn continues to stealthily go where no pop-up has gone before, and now there are only a few days left until the pop-up go-reborn shop opens at Princes Street Mall. We are excited. The eye-popping news is you'll even be able to get a bus there.

Both Totty Rocks and Matthew Swan, stalwarts from our summer run at the turret gallery, will be exhibitng alongside go-reborn master-blasters Godiva and Aware Injustice.
I just wanted to share with you an artist I am rather fond of, straight outta ECA who, inspired by go-reborn pop-up's mastery put on a wee show in an empty flat on Westhall Gardens last week. It was a huge success and Charlie Andreson is somone to watch. His work is now hanging in the Henderson Gallery and will also be appearing at some point at go-reborn.
Cheers Charlie for photos.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Pop-up has returned to Edinburgh. Remember that - like an empty canvas, ready for the artists, designers and misfits of Edinburgh to make their mark.

That's right go-reborners. We're back, with bells on our toes and fur-lining in our city shorts. As if a summer in go-reborn towers was not enough - fireworks spelt out our name in the sky - go-reborn has had a wee word with Santa and his spirit, dressed in Pucci, will be inhabiting a pop-up space near you VERY SOON.

Pop-up and go - REBORN!
Contact Fleur @ Godiva (0131) 991 2212 for more information or follow this blog

go reborn 2: XMAS