Tuesday, 17 August 2010

go reborn vs Noir! party

go reborn is teaming up with Noir! to launch go-reborn's pop-up book. As usual Noir! will be nymphing it up with ridiculously good-looking models, perverted dwarves, sailors from the docks of doom and pretty little boys in pinstripe peep-toes.

go-reborn will be showcasing its pop-up book that includes words from Sophie Cooke and Andrew F Giles, fashion shoots (see previous post: Bears. Shit. Woods), Auld Reekie's future faces including supernovas from The Skinny, the Roxy Art House and the Villager. The theme is hyper-Edinburgh. We will explore the newness and realness of NOW and launch go-reborn's short, sharp predictions for our cultural future into the stratosphere.

Check out the article in The Skinny for info.

And Noir and go-reborn are on Facebook.

Also: there is still time to check out the go-reborn 2D3D stall in St John's in the West End of Edinburgh, with stalwarts Godiva, Kate McKay, Rowanjoy and Aware Injustice. A glittering array of goodies and the usual cheery and forward-looking chat.

Another go-reborn hero, Ross Christie, can be seen trundling about with his Mobile Art Market. Don't diss him. Love him.