Thursday, 20 May 2010


Noir! It's French for black. If you remember Amy Winehouse's seminal album 'Back to Noir' she was fond of a tipple and a wrap of smack - you won't get the latter at a go reborn opening party, but the former is a shoe-in. But you'll have to wait. Languid genius and ur-lord of the perverse, James 'Jaco' Justice, and his team of three-legged dwarves and unicorn-toting bravehearts, are about to go viral on your proverbial asses. go reborn are concocting a fresh brew of tart wordsmithery that should go down well in your cultural milieu, and these bewitching photos from go reborn's Dave Anderson @ the recent Noir night are bound to whet your appetite.
As Amy herself says, what go reborn is about to drop from a great height could be described as "some unholy war". Not in the jihad sense, my little fiends. But righteous.