Thursday, 18 November 2010

THIS WEEKEND: pop-incoming

For 48 hours the walls of the Such & Such gallery in Leith become the pages of the new go-reborn publication!

Hope to see you all there.

This weekend 20-21 November open 10am-7pm

Such & Such gallery, 105 Brunswick Street, just off Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Thursday, 28 October 2010

goreborn4: Such and Such

Our goreborn project continues apace with an appearance at the Such and Such studios in the month of November. Every week a different designer-artist-collective will inhabit the space and make free with their talents. We'll be there Saturday 20th/ Sunday 21st September.

As you know we 'switched platform' somewhere in the ethers of early 2010 and have produced an eponymous publication. It rocks. You are invited to come and pick up a copy, hang out and 'interact with the space'. Not quite sure what this means - but if you feel like a good rub against some postmodern-looking furniture I'm sure no-one will mind. You may be framed and sold off as an artwork, however, so bear that in mind.
The publication is chock-a-block full of original fashion, design, creative writing, crafts, fine art and more.

To get hold of a limited edition invitation to the private viewing on Friday 19th November (7-9pm) please email:

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

go-reborn vs Noir: TOMORROW

go-reborn and Noir! are putting out the call for all Festival goers - tomorrow Thursday 26th August at Hawke and Hunter, Picardy Place, Edinburgh.
THE ticket of this year's Festival. Fashion, freaks and fornication. Roll up.
Photo credit: Mike Byrne

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Charlie Anderson T-shirts

And if you haven't got a limited edition Charlie Anderson print t-shirt yet - do it.
Check out the detail on those puppies.
Available from Aware Injustice, Totty Rocks and Godiva.
Models Ralph and Krystal
photo credits DN Anderson

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

go reborn vs Noir! party

go reborn is teaming up with Noir! to launch go-reborn's pop-up book. As usual Noir! will be nymphing it up with ridiculously good-looking models, perverted dwarves, sailors from the docks of doom and pretty little boys in pinstripe peep-toes.

go-reborn will be showcasing its pop-up book that includes words from Sophie Cooke and Andrew F Giles, fashion shoots (see previous post: Bears. Shit. Woods), Auld Reekie's future faces including supernovas from The Skinny, the Roxy Art House and the Villager. The theme is hyper-Edinburgh. We will explore the newness and realness of NOW and launch go-reborn's short, sharp predictions for our cultural future into the stratosphere.

Check out the article in The Skinny for info.

And Noir and go-reborn are on Facebook.

Also: there is still time to check out the go-reborn 2D3D stall in St John's in the West End of Edinburgh, with stalwarts Godiva, Kate McKay, Rowanjoy and Aware Injustice. A glittering array of goodies and the usual cheery and forward-looking chat.

Another go-reborn hero, Ross Christie, can be seen trundling about with his Mobile Art Market. Don't diss him. Love him.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Bears. Shit. Woods.

We at go reborn are always one to take a cliché and rip it up, feed it to the dogs and start over. This time, we found a woods somewhere in Scotland, booted out all the faeries and fauns, magicked a collection of statuesque hats from James Robert Faulkner's gorgeous constellation of roadkill millinery, got the go-reborn team set-up with cameras (including our very own tree-blinded Dave 'One-Eye' Anderson - hence the piratical patch) and... well, you'll have to wait to see what we made of it.
go reborn pop-up magazine - coming your way this summer.
You can read about James Robert Faulkner in the Daily Telegraph and the Scotsman. He is an extremely talented, magpie-stealing scavenger with an eye for a beautiful hat. Check out his interview on STV's The Hour here.
No prizes for guessing the lady with the bear's head.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Noir! It's French for black. If you remember Amy Winehouse's seminal album 'Back to Noir' she was fond of a tipple and a wrap of smack - you won't get the latter at a go reborn opening party, but the former is a shoe-in. But you'll have to wait. Languid genius and ur-lord of the perverse, James 'Jaco' Justice, and his team of three-legged dwarves and unicorn-toting bravehearts, are about to go viral on your proverbial asses. go reborn are concocting a fresh brew of tart wordsmithery that should go down well in your cultural milieu, and these bewitching photos from go reborn's Dave Anderson @ the recent Noir night are bound to whet your appetite.
As Amy herself says, what go reborn is about to drop from a great height could be described as "some unholy war". Not in the jihad sense, my little fiends. But righteous.